We are Trusted Epoxy Floor Coating Contractors in Manatee County

Choosing new flooring for your home comes with a lot of considerations. But if you want something that is durable, customizable, decorative, and sustainable, choosing epoxy flooring is a great option. Epoxy floors can bring plenty of benefits to your Manatee County home, including high levels of resistance to wear and tear and versatility. But if you want yours to get done right the first time, choose us at Prestige Wall Systems, Inc. and we will make sure that everything is done to your satisfaction.

We are professional epoxy coating contractors in Manatee County with years of experience working with a variety of materials and designs. So if you have anything specific in mind, let us know and we will handle the rest. 

What is Epoxy?

Its composition is made up of two parts – a mixture of hardeners and polymer resins. These compounds react to each other when mixed properly which results in a chemical bond that hardens into a stiff, durable plastic material. Epoxy floor coating is comprised of multiple epoxy layers applied to a floor.

Why Epoxy Floor Coating?

Enhance Appearance

Epoxy floor coating is a great way to transform dull spaces into beautiful areas with sleek, smooth, and shiny flooring. It’s a great way to complement decorative lighting as it bounces off the floor coating, giving a new dimension to the space. 


This type of floor coating comes in many different colors. However, decorative chips of quartz or mica can be added to the mixture to produce a speckled look that catches more light and glimmer. There are also metallic options that give a polished ambiance.


Instead of removing and replacing old floors, epoxy floor coating is a more affordable option with outstanding results. This also cuts down costs on the purchase of new flooring materials because you will be revamping your floor without the need for that.


Epoxy floor finishes can help prevent damage from wear-and-tear in high-traffic areas because it bears the brunt of chemicals, heavy shock, water, and heat. This makes it the ideal flooring for garages.

There are many more benefits that you can get from choosing epoxy floors. And if you’re looking for professional epoxy coating contractors in Manatee County to have yours done, contact us at Prestige Wall Systems, Inc.

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